Faculty of Materials & Environmental Science

Industry: Education

Period: 2021

Campaign type: Sharing Insta stories

Content type: Images

About Faculty of Materials and Environmental Engineering:

Part of the prestigious Technical University in Cluj-Napoca, the Faculty of Materials and Environmental Engineering was established in 1990, under the name: Materials Science and Engineering, at the initiative of a team of teachers and researchers with consistent concerns and prestigious results in the field of materials engineering. Since 2011, the name of the Faculty is Materials and Environmental Engineering, a name that highlights the two areas of managed studies. Now, it is considered one of the best Faculties in these areas of expertise.


The main objective was to raise awareness about the Faculty’s courses among youngsters, aged 17-18, in order to prepare the next Admission session for new students. This category of audience is becoming more and more immune to traditional Ads in Social Media.

Brand Objectives:

The campaign was set for a specific region in Romania (N-V and Central) and encouraged youngsters to share with friends „Did you know” facts from Material Science and Environmental Engineering. The response was amazing and there was a lot of positive feedback regarding the quality of the content.

Total number of influencers involved
Total Community Dimension
> 10 k
Organic impact
> 1 k
Community Engagement
> 1 k
Unique pieces of content generated (Instagram posts & stories )
> 100


“Using the FameUp app was definitely a premiere for us. We’ve always been keen on promoting our Faculty in unique ways, but we couldn’t imagine that it is possible to implement such a campaign and we’re really happy with the results.”
Conf. Dr. Ing. Horațiu Vermeșan
Dean of the Faculty