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We make nano influencer marketing at scale easy for you. Forget the day-to-day tasks, say goodbye to cold influencer discovery, outreach, monitoring spreadsheets, and reporting headaches. We’ve got you covered.

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People trust people, not ads. Get the buzz your clients need, increase their online visibility, build trust, and boost sales with the help of local influencers.

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Budget-friendly marketing tool

There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising. Especially when you can have it all-in-one, without costing you precious time.

Authentic quality content for your campaigns

With every campaign you run, your client’s awareness and branded content grow. Use what you love for their website or Social Media.

End-to-end campaign management

No more endless hours for DMs and emails. All campaign creation, influencer outreach, campaign monitoring and reporting in one single app.

How It Works

Step 1

Download FameUp and create the brand account on behalf of your client.

How It Works

Step 2

Create your large-scale campaign in under 5 minutes with our 7-step campaign builder.

How It Works

Step 3

Review and approve your favourite local influencers to reach thousands of consumers.

How It Works

Step 4

Check the generated content, measure the performance and leave feedback for your collaborations.

How It Works

Step 5

Choose your favourite images and videos and use them on your clients’ websites and social media.

Case studies

Check out some successful campaigns and get inspired on how to increase your brand awareness and sales.
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A single mobile app at your fingertips, FameUp connects you with tens of thousands of local influencers with an Instagram or TikTok account that are willing to promote your clients. Additionally, your brand is fully covered legally and fiscally.

Local influencers are Social Media users with 500-10k followers on Instagram and/or TikTok that are here to promote your clients’ brand, products, or services in an authentic and creative way.

Yes! We offer a database with tens of thousands of local influencer profiles you can browse through using advanced filters and select to work individually or at scale with the ones that fit your clients’ objectives best.

After installing the app on your smartphone, open it and select the “I want to promote my business” option during the registration process. Create the brand account on behalf of your client and launch your campaign in under 5 minutes.

In the main screen of the app, click on the “+” button and select the option “Create Paid Campaign”. Next, follow the steps in order to send your campaign proposal to the FameUp local influencers.

We offer you full copyright permission on the materials used and created by the local influencers in FameUp.

Once a local influencer uploads the proof and insights of the post(s) on Instagram or TikTok in FameUp, you have the option of rating and leaving feedback for the collaboration. These are public and will reflect your satisfaction related to the collaboration with that individual.

Of course. The advantage of using FameUp is that you don’t have to worry about the legal and fiscal terms of working with local influencers. All the FameUp local influencers have signed a legal contract and, at the end of each paid collaboration or campaign, you’ll receive the invoice on your email address.

Of course. From the main screen, sort and filter the local influencers based on your needs and access the target profiles for more details. Once you access a local influencer profile, you have the option to send a direct collaboration invite.

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Alexandru Ion

Marketing Manager

FameUp was exactly what we needed to bring new users in our app more efficiently. With just a few clicks, we’ve communicated our messages through thousands of local influencers.

Paula Furir

Marketing Manager

FameUp is just perfect for us. It allows us to work with more local influencers than ever before. It helps us tease the story to the public, create build up and engage people to start talking about the magic world of Untold.

Teodora Radu

Marketing Project Manager

Small communities have proven their potential for more effective engagement. We successfully implemented campaigns through FameUp and we are pleased with the KPIs obtained.

Ioana Samoilescu

Marketing Specialist

We Spartans are very happy with the collaboration with the entire FameUp team. You're true professionals and it's obvious that you're passionate about this project. I am glad that we have in Romania such a platform that connects local influencers with small and large brands.

Sergiu Maris

Business Owner

FameUp is the right tool for managing and developing partnerships with authentic content creators. We've successfully created lots of campaigns with local influencers and got impressive results.

Anca Ciobanescu

Marketing & Acquisition Manager

The beauty of the FameUp app is that it allows you to set-up a campaign with just a few clicks. Based on your objectives and budget, you’re able to work easy and fast with thousands of local influencers, in order to deliver authentic content to your audience.


Business Manager

FameUp helps us to attract more people to our venues, even during this harsh period. Glad that it is now available in Spain and I would recommend it to anyone in the hospitality and entertainment industry.