Dm Drogerie

Industry: Retail – beauty, healthcare /

Period: February 2021 /

Campaign type: Promote event /

Content type: Stories /

About dm-drogerie markt:

dm-drogerie markt is a chain of retail stores headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, that sells cosmetics, healthcare items, household products and healthy food. With a unique market position, there are over 100 dm-drogerie markt stores, covering all major cities.


dm-drogerie markt organized a first online event out of a series dedicated to the beauty community in Romania, called “All about beauty”. The participants were invited to discover new trends and receive tips and tricks from well-known beauty experts. The challenge was to quickly increase the reach of the event in Social Media, in order to increase the number of registered participants.

Brand Objectives:

The local influencers were assigned to post a story promoting the online event, while also having the chance to win one of the multiple prizes offered by dm-drogerie markt. With a simple set-up and a straight-forward brief, the campaign gathered 290 local influencers that shared the info about the event to their friends.

Total number of influencers involved
Total Community Dimension
> 10 k
Organic impact
> 1 k
Community Engagement
> 1 k
Unique pieces of content generated (Instagram posts & stories)
> 100


“The beauty of the FameUp app is that it allows you to set-up a campaign with just a few clicks. Based on your objectives and budget, you’re able to work easy and fast with thousands of local influencers, in order to deliver authentic content to your audience.”
Anca Ciobanescu
Marketing & Acquisition @ dm-drogerie markt