In Social Media, creativity without consistency is only half work. No matter how good your ideas and concepts are, being persistent is the key to be successful and important for the most popular brands.

Here are some tips for you, in order to be more consistent with your work and rise above all brand’s expectations. 

🦋 Be authentic and transparent

An important detail is not to forget what built your account in the first place. Be yourself and avoid over-promoting. Be honest and transparent in the interactions with your audience. A curated persona is useful if done right. But it is hard to strike the right balance, so stick to authenticity while still growing.

📈 Monitor and measure performance 

Regularly monitor the engagement and performance of your posts, and adjust your strategy as needed.

📝 Stay up-to-date with platform updates

Stay informed about changes and updates to the platforms you use, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

✔️ Use your creativity wisely

Use relevant backgrounds for text based posts. Avoid color blocking, unless there is an actual need. Use gifs to add flavor, use the music that’s currently popular.

And last, but not least, don’t forget to use your face and your own self to firstly promote the brand that is you. 

Keep in mind these tips and be productive with your creativity!