Is it enough to have authenticity, creativity, and wisdom in content creation?

How do you react when your content doesn’t match the campaign’s requirements? To avoid such situations and to be able to create without worries, we have some relevant tips for you, which can be applied the very second you receive a brief.

First of all, you must know that the brief summarizes what the brand wants to achieve from the collaboration and contains both advice and suggestions, as well as specific directions.

The content creator should know how to read briefs carefully and what essential points are included in them.

👀 Pay attention

We encourage our content creators to read the brief very carefully. If you pay attention to it, you might gain sight of the crucial aspects or even the essence of the brief. For example, “Must do” is the most important section of the brief. Therefore, always read it very carefully.


👩‍💻 🧑‍💻 Read the brief at least two times

For a better overview, read the brief twice. The first time, you can read it from a point where you gather the necessary information. The second time, pay attention to your involvement in how to create the authentic content that brands always expect from influencers.


📝 Take short notes or use keywords

As you read, write down the main ideas or important keywords so that you don’t return to the brief unless necessary.


🤔 Ask questions

We encourage content creators to send us an email at whenever they encounter a problem or are concerned about the brief they received.


Pay attention, read the brief, take notes, and ask — simple, right? Then let’s put more emphasis on reading the brief, in order to create the appropriate content!