If you’re wondering what TikTok reach is and how you can increase it to be a part of FameUp content creators community, you’re reading the right article.

Before giving you any tips, we need to make an important distinction. When we talk about the Instagram platform, we refer to increasing engagement, whereas when we discuss TikTok, we refer to reach.

Reach represents the number of views. It’s the measurable impact your video has on TikTok.

How do you calculate TikTok reach?

For accounts with less than 10,000 followers, the average viewership should be 15%. For 10,000 or more followers, it should be 10%, and for over 1 million followers, it should be 5%.

The average viewership is calculated based on the number of followers over the last 12 posts.

For example, if you have 20,000 followers, your viewership (i.e. reach) should be 2,000 views across the last 12 posts.

How can I improve my TikTok reach?

Firstly, we know that TikTok is a social media platform that relies on trends, viral videos, and duets, but this platform has an important potential for content creators. The more diverse, authentic, and interesting your profile is, the greater your account’s potential to attract attention from the community and brands is.

Secondly, there are some best practices to consider before posting:

👉 Be true to yourself

First of all, what topics genuinely interest you? What do you like to talk about and create content about? This is where the whole process starts, not just to increase your reach on TikTok and receive collaborations, but also to evolve. Make a list of the topics that attract you, and you’ll see how the audience will appreciate your honesty and personality, and, in the end, brands will start giving you more credit.

👉 Post consistently

The frequency with which you post is crucial when it comes to improving your reach on TikTok. We encourage you to post consistently about the things you enjoy and that have passed through your own filter.

👉 Create authentic content that attracts your audience

Be genuine and sincere in the subjects you post about. Filter and put all topics and projects under your own imprint before posting. Always keep in mind that brands, as well as your audience, appreciate authenticity – the real you – which adds a touch of your own personality, even when following a brief.

👉 Engage with your community

Whether you receive a comment, a reaction, or a like, react back. Give a heart, give a like, say “thank you”. All of these actions will increase your audience’s trust and your credibility as a content creator. Brands will notice that you treat your community with care and interest, and, as a result, you will receive collaborations and increase your reach on TikTok.

👉 Balance trends – duets – virals

Certainly, trends, duets, and virals represent the foundation of TikTok, but we encourage you to balance them when you post. Copying a trend doesn’t add value to the brand, to you, or to your audience. That’s why we advise you to be balanced in your posts. For example, if today you posted a video with a viral soundtrack, tomorrow you could make a more personalized and authentic post and, why not, start your own trend!

Authenticity, balance in posts and topics, and creativity – that’s what you need to grow and improve your reach on TikTok, and also to be a part of the FameUp community.

Don’t forget: we’re here for any questions!

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