In FameUp, you must know that engagement is directly proportional to the work you put in to have a significant impact online. To improve engagement, there are some best practices that you can keep in mind before posting.

For starters, we will make an important distinction.

Whenever we talk about the TikTok platform, we refer to reach, and when we discuss Instagram, we refer to engagement. The latter refers to the interaction of the audience with your post/story, namely likes.

How do I calculate engagement on Instagram?

On Instagram, the 5% engagement rate is calculated in the following way:

  • First, we calculate the total number of likes on your last 12 posts.
  • Next, we determine an average number of likes per post by dividing the sum of the total number of likes by 12.
  • Once we obtain the average number of likes, we compare this to the number of followers the content creator has. This would give us the engagement rate, which is the percentage of followers who are engaging with the content through likes.

For example, if a content creator has 1000 followers they need to have a total of 600 likes on the last 12 posts or an average of 50 likes per post to reach the minimum engagement rate required of 5%.

How can I improve my Instagram engagement?

📱 Post consistently

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to post consistently, put yourself in your followers’ shoes: “Why should I follow someone who posts so infrequently and just clutters my following list?”, “How does it benefit me?”, “I would like to see more of this type of post, but they don’t post often enough…”.

💯 Try to be relevant in your topics

This way, you’ll see that you can interact better with your community by observing their interests, what they react best to, and how you can maintain their interest.

A tip: try to post an Instagram story daily. This way, you’ll keep the connection with people who follow you and create a real bond with them. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see precisely when they do and don’t react to the content from the statistics.

❤️‍🔥 Add value

To increase your engagement, you need to be authentic. Create content that truly matters to you first and then to your community. Be honest with yourself and don’t copy – you can create content that brings something unique to the online community!

👀 Feed appearance

Try to make conscious choices when it comes to how you want your feed to look like. Whether you choose a minimalist, vintage, or colorful style, make sure it defines you.

#️Use relevant hashtags

Are they still relevant in 2023? They are very important! Therefore, we encourage you to use relevant hashtags in your field every time you post on Instagram.

This is a good opportunity to remind you that for collaborations received through FameUp, it is important to use ALL the hashtags that you receive in the brief.

🤩 Give credit to the brand

When posting in your feed or story, make sure you give credit to the brand by tagging them. This puts you in a good light in front of the brand and also presents credibility to your community.

🗣 Engage with the community

Connection with the people who follow you is extremely important for your progress and development as a content creator. People like to feel seen and heard by the person they follow, that they are not just a number in the statistics. Respond to messages, reactions, or comments. This way, you will build a connection with them and give them the assurance that you are actually interested in their opinion.

In addition to this, brands will see that you have an active community that engages and reacts when you post.

📊 Analyzing your audience

Statistics are not only used to evaluate the success of collaboration but also to evaluate your own progress and your community engagement. Use statistics to analyze your audience’s behavior and to observe which posts/stories they react to the most, how they react, and when. By doing this, you can improve the quality of your content.

It’s time to improve your engagement on Instagram and receive more collaborations through FameUp!

We believe in you! 🫵🏻