¿Qué hace a un buen influencer?

Being a great influencer is measured by two attributes: authenticity and engagement. Basically, you need to know how to connect to your audience efficiently. Every influencer has a specific type of followers, real people that got there by liking, approving, and enjoying different types of content, created in a particular way. And great storytelling separates […]

Cómo crear contenido auténtico

Your account is awesome! But if you want to get more collaborations, you need to have authentic and creative content. Sometimes, you can find yourself at a crossroads and not have any ideas about how to promote a product or a brand. Here are some tips that will help you create attractive and engaging posts! […]

Los 3 principales trends de Instagram

Wondering what’s new on Instagram? Here are the top 3 trends that deserve your attention. Good bye, static images! Hello, conversation! Social media has become a place of dialogue and community. Engage your audience through interactive stickers such as questions, quizzes, polls, etc. Give it a try. Real connections Live streaming is the way to […]

Creando tu perfil en las redes sociales

A great social media profile looks good, tells who you are, and gives people a reason to follow and engage with you. 1. Public (not private) profile If you’re on your way to becoming a true influencer, then that’s what you want: You want anyone to be able to view your posts and follow you. […]

Porque tienes que leer el brief

Understand what are the requirements for that collaboration and what you need to deliver. Avoid creating unsatisfying content that doesn’t meet the brand’s requirements. Unsatisfying content affects your chances of being selected for further paid collaborations. Avoid not getting paid for your work and receiving a negative review. This is where you find the brief […]

¿Qué esperan las marcas de ti?

Congrats on wanting to learn more about what you should do! Here’s how to make sure you meet the brands’ expectations and rise above them! Expectation #1: Good reach Instagram reach and TikTok views represent the number of unique people who see your content. For Instagram posts: minimum 20% out of your total audience. For […]

¿Cómo entregar y subir excelentes resultados a FameUp?

influencer marketing app results

If you want brands to pay up, you’ll need to deliver great content, to measure and communicate the impact of your social media posts, stories, or videos. How to do this for Instagram? Pro tip #1: Switch to Instagram creator profile It takes less than 1 minute to switch from a personal to a creator […]

¿Cómo configurar tu perfil de FameUp?

Social media Influencer Profile

Why is it important to have a nice and clean FameUp account? Most of the FameUp partner brands are manually selecting the influencers they choose to collaborate with. The first thing they check is the FameUp profiles of the influencers that apply to their paid campaigns. The second thing they check is the influencers’ social […]

¿Cómo monetizar tu Creatividad en las Redes Sociales con FameUp?

Influencer Marketing App

If you want to monetize your Social Media creativity, you’re in the right place. It’s time for you to launch your online revenue stream with FameUp! Read on to see how. Pro tip #1: Make sure you have a spotless FameUp account Use your full name and stay away from nicknames only your close friends […]

Cómo Atraer a Nuevos Clientes Este Verano

How to Attract New Customers This Summer If you want to promote your business in an authentic results oriented manned and attract new customers, we invite you to take a look at what other brands, just like yours, have done this month with the help of FameUp local influencers. Cascara Coffee Roastery This early summer, […]